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Your participation in CyberVista.gr means full acceptance of the Terms of Use.

- Access to CyberVista.gr is not an acquired right of anyone. So you must use it with respect to the rules. If you don't like these rules, remember no one forced you to become a member, visit or participate in CyberVista.gr
– In any case, the administrator reserves the right to remove comments from any CyberVista.gr article, which in his judgment do not agree with the Terms of Use.
Therefore, it is up to the members/visitors to be careful about those expressions that may insult the personality of the participants in the discussions, in the various categories of CyberVista.gr
– In any case, the administrator reserves the right to remove comments from any article of TechWar, which in his judgment do not help the smooth conduct of discussions on CyberVista.gr
– The administrator reserves the right in any case to correct the offensive words, to delete the offensive or inappropriate comment entirely or to lock any article on CyberVista.gr until further notice

General rules for comments:
• Comments should be written in Greek lowercase characters, not Greek.
• Check your comment for oversights that might alter its meaning and if there are any let us know. Do not write additional comments to change any detail.
• The comments of members and visitors may express their personal opinions, but participants are requested to document their opinions as fully as possible.
• Make sure not to defame natural persons, services or products but to state arguments in low tones. Your complaints are heard beyond the boundaries of CyberVista.gr and we should not give anyone the right to accuse us without reason.
• In case you copy any text or text excerpt from another website, blog or from any other printed or non-printed source, mention its source.
• Participants agree not to post defamatory, offensive or any other material that may violate the laws of the Greek state.

Not allowed:

• Any message about illegal software or methods of defeating software protection as well as links to websites with such content.
• Submitting comments that aim to create quarrels, disputes, fights or a bad atmosphere in CyberVista.gr discussions
• Swear or use offensive words and phrases.
• Advertisements of any kind.

As a user you agree that all personal information as well as the comments you have entered are stored in a database. The information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. The members/visitors of TechWar.gr must not use any information concerning its members/visitors. If the circulation of "personal" information is noticed, then the management of TechWar.gr has the right to delete these comments.

TechWar Limitation of Liability Statement

• CyberVista.gr maintains an internet chat room in accordance with the more specific conditions mentioned above. The members/visitors of the relevant services must observe the rules of good behavior and decency and not engage in illegal or immoral formalities.
• CyberVista.gr can under no circumstances be considered to accept or embrace in any way the personal ideas or perceptions expressed in these spaces.
• The members/visitors of the relevant services retain the intellectual property right to the views they express with their comments.
• Members/visitors remain solely responsible for the content/comments they transmit through CyberVista.gr
• CyberVista.gr and its owner bear no responsibility for the positions of natural or legal persons or for any misunderstanding or losses, direct, indirect, special, consequential or otherwise, or damages of any type on the part of members/visitors.
• CyberVista.gr and its owner are in no way responsible for the validity and correctness of the information, judgments, comments contained in member/visitor comments and for actions that will be the result of messages or advice provided by members/visitors.
• Consequently, members/visitors of CyberVista.gr, using its services on their own initiative, assume the relative responsibility of cross-checking the provided information with the sources.
• CyberVista.gr and its owner is not responsible for the content of other sites for which we cannot control their content as well as no responsibility for comments that infringe third party copyrights or copyrighted material.
• Every effort is made to avoid such comments.

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